Franchising Benefits

Align with a national brand that invests heavily in category pre-eminence, innovation and resources and provides the training and support you need to make the most of them.

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Systems & Support

More than two decades after they banded together to create the company, ZIPS Cleaners’ founders still operate their own stores – and continue to add more. From them, we’ve learned that success is the product of teamwork, collaboration and shared expertise.

That’s why we maintain a dedicated team focused on innovation and optimization throughout our entire operation. We provide one of the most robust training programs in the retail franchise segment. Using hands-on, in-store training and classroom-style learning, we teach our dry cleaning franchisees how to implement our proven system to perfection. And we’re by every franchisee’s side every step of the way with ongoing training and support.

But we don’t stop there – we work closely with our franchise partners, using their feedback and input to better our systems and processes.

We Outfit You With All You Need

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During three weeks of classroom and hands-on training, we unveil the secrets to the ZIPS garment care process.

  • Take advantage of classroom-style learning at our 6,000-sq.-ft., state-of-the-art certified training center
  • Benefit from hands-on training programs
  • Master the ZIPS One-Touch Philosophy
  • Complete manager certification
  • Receive sustainable business training
  • Gain insight into our customer service practices
  • Transform into a garment care expert
  • Visit ZIPS locations throughout DE/MD/VA/DC
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Advisory Council

To ensure an open, ongoing flow of communication, the ZIPS Franchisee Council, a representative group of our operators, meets with the Home Office Team on a quarterly basis.

  • Review current company initiatives
  • Discuss business trajectory
  • Identify new opportunities
  • Develop new systemwide innovations and technologies
  • Participate in open-forum discussions
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The Home Office Team checks in regularly to ensure every franchisee stays on track with operational implementation and with production and profit goals.

  • Franchise Support Specialists
  • Equipment repair and maintenance
  • Data and customer analysis
  • Performance reviews
  • Manager certification programs
  • Systemwide franchise meetings
  • Phone and email check-ins

Marketing Support

Thanks to our distinctive logo and primary gold and black colors, it’s easy to spot a ZIPS Cleaners a mile away. Against our high-end branding, comprehensive marketing programs and stunning consumer-facing website, independent dry cleaners pale in comparison.

We also provide franchisees with local and regional advertising strategies and campaigns, including print, digital, and outdoor marketing materials. Plus, we make marketing easy by giving franchisees access to our cutting-edge digital platforms that allow them to create customizable marketing materials.


Reaching Your Community

We utilize state-of-the-art digital platforms where franchisees can easily customize their own marketing materials or pull from a full suite of ready-made collateral. We also have an in-house marketing support team to help with special projects.

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We Have Your Back

We help you create a comprehensive marketing plan to jump-start traffic at your Grand Opening and keep the crowds coming in forever after. We also conduct in-depth research about the demographics surrounding your store so you know exactly who’s in your community and how best to reach them. And that’s not all; we also provide ongoing data analysis so you can clearly see what works best when it comes to meeting your community’s needs.

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An Award-Winning Experience

With care tips, a savings calculator, store locator, rewards tracker, news section and more, the ZIPS website was designed with customer value, ease and convenience in mind. As an owner, you can easily update promotions and communicate with customers. There’s even a section for commercial accounts to help you capture business from local organizations and their members or employees.

ZIPS Website


Keep Customers Engaged

Our in-house marketing team helps you create store-specific social media plans and manage your online presence. You can create your own customizable social media images or pull from a comprehensive library of creative collateral that’s perfect for any occasion. High-end marketing materials like ours keep your customers loyal to our brand and engaged with your store.

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What Our Franchise Partners Say

The leaders genuinely want to do what’s in the best interest of the franchisees. That helps me sleep at night.

-- Tiffany Hawkins
Multi-Unit Franchisee

They went over everything from the time you enter the store to the time you leave, plus all the in-between. It’s nice because you’re training in a store that’s already open, so you actually get real-time troubleshooting of problems.

-- Beth Flynn
Multi-Unit Franchisee

Every store is thoroughly planned out to be able to clean thousands of garments every day and track them accurately. Without that I don’t know how successful this would be.

-- Beth Flynn
Multi-Unit Franchisee

I’m a franchisee in a number of different concepts, and I have to think about marketing for each one. Our marketing platform makes doing this for ZIPS the easiest thing under the sun.

-- Tiffany Hawkins
Multi-Unit Franchisee

One time we had an issue with a piece of clothing and we needed a second opinion. We made a phone call, they told us to send a picture of it, and we got a quick answer back. Every time something like this happens, we get a response within half an hour so we can rectify the situation right away, which makes it easier on the customers and the staff.

-- Beth Flynn
Multi-Unit Franchisee

What I like about the ZIPS corporate team is that they check in on you. If they notice your numbers dropping, they’ll reach out and ask, ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ They check in on you and actually pay attention to the numbers in the reports.

-- Beth Flynn
Multi-Unit Franchisee

All of the office holders are hands-on people. They know the garment care business inside and out and are readily available. You can call them any time and they will help out.

-- Bashir Shams
Multi-Unit Franchisee

The advertising and marketing platform is so simple, anybody can use it. I’m a multi-concept franchisee with multiple units in several franchise systems. ZIPS makes marketing easier than any of the other concepts I’m part of.

-- Tiffany Hawkins
Multi-Unit Franchisee