Dry cleaning can certainly be convenient if you don’t have a washer or dryer at home or if you’re simply in a hurry, but is it really worth it? Can you even dry-clean all your clothes? The truth is dry cleaning comes with many benefits that extend beyond convenience.

Apart from being able to handle all your “dry-clean only” garments, a reputable dry cleaner can help you get the most out of your favorite clothes and keep them looking brand-new for as long as you have them. Read on to learn more about the benefits of dry cleaning and when you should pay a visit to your local cleaners.

Why Dry Clean?

You might have noticed that some of your favorite clothes come with a “dry-clean only” tag or that some garments just don’t look the same after a wash at home. That’s because dry cleaning helps keep your clothes looking presentable by maintaining the quality of certain fabrics.

For example, delicate fabrics such as silk, wool, and linen are easy to damage using at-home washing methods. Dry cleaning is less abrasive and helps maintain the integrity and prolong the life of these fabrics, ensuring they stay as beautiful as the day you bought them. No more worries about your favorite silk blouse losing its luster or a cherished wool sweater shrinking in the dryer.

But it’s not just about fabric care. Dry cleaning preserves the structure, shape, and drape of garments, avoiding the shrinkage or distortion that can occur with regular washing. That means your favorite tailored suit or meticulously designed dress will continue to fit perfectly, wear after wear.

A reputable dry cleaning service can also offer convenience by handling the cleaning and pressing of garments, saving you valuable time and effort. Imagine reclaiming the hours spent ironing and folding and spending that time on activities you enjoy.

If you have special occasions on the horizon, dry cleaners are experienced in handling formal wear such as suits, dresses, and evening gowns, ensuring they look their best when it matters most. You can step out with confidence, knowing that your clothing will look crisp, neat, and well-maintained. 

It’s not just about cleanliness or convenience; it’s about presenting yourself in the best possible light and preserving your favorite clothes for years to come.

When Should You Dry Clean?

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Dry cleaning isn’t just for those “dry-clean only” tags or special occasions. It can actually benefit various types of garments in different situations.

But how do you know when to choose dry cleaning over traditional laundering? 

Let’s look further into the scenarios when dry cleaning might be the right choice for you:

Removing Tough Stains and Spills

Ever been in a situation where a stubborn stain refuses to come out? Dry cleaners have the expertise and specialized solvents to remove even the most unyielding stains, giving your clothes a clean and fresh appearance.

The Label Says “Dry-Clean Only”

This one seems obvious, but it’s crucial. If the care label insists on dry cleaning, it’s a strong indication that conventional washing methods might harm it. Following these instructions ensures the longevity and appearance of the item.

Preparing for a Professional Event

Whether you’re on the way to a job interview, business meeting, or black-tie affair, professional attire such as suits, tuxedos, and formal dresses should always be dry-cleaned. Dry cleaning formal wear helps maintain its shape, structure, and professional appearance, allowing you to make the right impression every time.

When You Need to Save Time

From ironing to prepping for events, garment care can be a time-consuming task. Dry cleaning offers a convenient solution, freeing up time for more enjoyable or pressing matters.

Handling Delicate or Expensive Fabrics

If your wardrobe includes delicate fabrics like silk, satin, cashmere, or garments with intricate embellishments, dry cleaning is always a safe bet. At-home washing methods may damage or distort these materials, whereas dry cleaning will keep them in impeccable condition.

Washing Vintage or Heirloom Garments

Vintage clothing or valuable family heirlooms with historical significance often contain delicate fabrics. Since dry cleaning is less abrasive than at-home washes, it can help preserve these unique items, allowing them to be admired and enjoyed by future generations.

What Clothes Should Be Dry Cleaned?

Deciding on what items to dry clean can often feel perplexing. While certain items explicitly require professional handling, others might be less obvious. Dry cleaning is not merely a preference for some garments; it’s a necessity. Here’s a comprehensive list of the clothes you should absolutely consider bringing to a dry cleaner:

  • Suits and Tailored Clothing: Precision and care are essential to maintaining the crisp lines and proper fit of suits and tailored garments. Dry cleaning ensures they remain impeccable and ready to wear.
  • Formal Wear and Evening Gowns: These pieces often include delicate fabrics and intricate details that require a gentle touch. Dry cleaning preserves their elegance and charm.
  • Delicate Fabrics: Think silk, cashmere, or chiffon. Luxurious fabrics are typically fragile, making it wise to leave them to the professionals.
  • Embellished Garments: Clothes adorned with beads, sequins, or delicate stitching need special care to maintain their beauty. Dry cleaning helps protect and preserve these decorative elements.
  • Winter Coats and Outerwear: Bulkier items like winter coats benefit from professional cleaning to remove dirt and odors without damaging the material or insulation.
  • Wedding Dresses: Preserving the memories and the delicate fabric of a wedding dress is a task for experts. Dry cleaning ensures it stays beautiful for years to come.
  • Designer or High-End Clothing: Protect your investment in quality clothing by opting for dry cleaning. It maintains the integrity, appearance, and value of these exquisite pieces.
  • Garments with Special Care Labels: When in doubt, follow the label. If it recommends dry cleaning, it’s likely for a good reason.

How to Choose a Dry Cleaner

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Choosing the perfect dry cleaner is more than finding the nearest option. It’s about locating a service that aligns with your needs and entrusting them to maintain the quality and integrity of your garments. Here are some factors to consider when making that decision:


When reading reviews, pay extra attention to feedback on the cleanliness and freshness of garments after being dry cleaned. The number and recency of reviews matter to ensure the information is up-to-date and representative of the business. Look for any recurring issues that may raise red flags, and check if the dry cleaner actively engages with customer feedback and replies to any issues raised.


Pricing inquiries can be a touchy subject, but knowing how much a dry cleaner charges will help you understand the full scope of their services. Ask about hidden fees, such as garment storage or express service fees.

Seek out a dry cleaner that distinguishes itself by offering price transparency. For instance, ZIPS offers total price transparency and an in-by-9, out-by-5 service with no extra charge. 

Compare pricing among different dry cleaners in your area and consider the balance between affordability and the quality of service provided—and don’t forget to ask about any refund or compensation policies in case of unsatisfactory service.


Experience is an invaluable factor to consider when choosing a dry cleaner. Look for testimonials or success stories related to challenging garments or stains that they’ve handled, and ask the dry cleaner about its history with specific types of garments, like wedding dresses or leather items, or if they have specialized training in removing challenging stains. 

An exceptional dry cleaner will also often help other local organizations, showcasing their credibility and community involvement. For example, all ZIPS locations actively support the needs of their communities by participating in charitable events and donating abandoned items to local organizations in need.

Customer Service

Customer service is the cornerstone of any quality dry cleaner. During your initial interactions with a dry cleaner, pay attention to how friendly and professional they are, and don’t forget to inquire about convenient services.

ZIPS, for instance, stands out by offering an in-by-9, out-by-5 guarantee. Ask about additional services like alterations and repairs, and see if the dry cleaner provides digital platforms for easy communication.


A growing concern for many customers is the use of sustainable products. Ask about the dry cleaner’s use of environmentally friendly solvents or detergents, energy-efficient practices, and water conservation efforts.

Many dry cleaners, like ZIPS, have a strong commitment to sustainability that is reflected in their practices. Seeing if the dry cleaner provides hangers or plastic bag recycling programs is another way to determine if they’re environmentally conscious.

Trust ZIPS With Your Dry Cleaning Today

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Picking the right dry cleaner is more than just a task on your to-do list- it’s an investment in the longevity and appearance of your favorite clothing items. The decision should go beyond convenience alone; whether you value customer service, transparent pricing, experience in handling delicate garments, or a commitment to sustainability, your chosen dry cleaner should reflect these attributes.

Look for a dry cleaner that resonates with your lifestyle, whether it’s the convenience of in-by-9, out-by-5 service or contributing to the community by supporting local organizations. With ZIPS, you can count on convenient, affordable, and fast service backed by industry recognition and a name you can trust.

At ZIPS, we treat your clothes with care to maximize their longevity and keep you looking your best, no matter what the occasion is. 

Find a location near you, and let us take care of things today!