These days, it seems as if many businesses are “going green.” But despite our distinctive yellow and black branding, ZIPS has green built right into our business model. And that benefits our planet — and our franchisees.

Lower Expenses For Franchisees

ZIPS is dedicated to minimizing our water usage and our waste because it’s good for our planet. But it is also good for our franchisees’ bottom lines. We consciously use less water in our cleaning processes, meaning that not only are we reducing our impact on the environment, our franchisees also have lower water payments leaving more room for profit.

In addition to decreasing our water usage, ZIPS also minimizes waste in several ways. Our hanger recycling program encourages our customers to bring their ZIPS hangers back to their location to be reused. It’s a win-win: less paper and wire ending up in landfills and ZIPS franchisees need to order and buy fewer hangers.

Reducing waste is built into our processes. When we return clean garments to our customers, we buck the industry standard of putting only one or two garments in a bag. ZIPS uses one plastic bag for every five shirts. By using one bag for multiple garments, we are able to reduce the amount of bags that become trash and our franchisees are able to use fewer bags to serve just as many customers. Plus, our bags are recyclable.

Build Brand Loyalty Among Customers

According to CGS’s 2019 U.S. Consumer Sustainability Survey, 68% of consumers consider sustainability when making a purchase. That’s a huge swath of the market. While ZIPS believes that it’s our ethical duty to limit our negative impact on the community, it is also profitable to have similar values to our customers and potential customers. In fact, 35% of consumers will pay more for sustainable products.

Plus, sustainable/ethical business practices are a contributing factor of brand loyalty for 28% of consumers. Our conscious efforts to continuing to reduce our environmental impact helps build brand loyalty, which leads to long-term, profitable relationships.

Being green matters to consumers, and ZIPS is able to create customer loyalty by being dedicated to environmentally-friendly practices.

Stand Out From Competitors

As industry-disruptors, ZIPS stands out in the garment care field in many ways. Our dedication to being as environmentally-friendly as possible is a factor that makes ZIPS different. We care about how the work we do impacts the global community. Most mom-and-pop dry cleaning shops can’t say the same. We also strive to keep improving our green processes, for the sake of the planet and our franchisees’ businesses.

Modern consumers need a dry cleaner that fits into their lives — and their lifestyles. Our eco-friendly practices, along with our in-by-9-out-by-5 guarantee and one low price for each garment, make ZIPS the perfect fit for today’s busy and conscious world. Are you ready to bring a ZIPS franchise to your community? Reach out for more information about the ZIPS franchise opportunity.