Jaici Kelly

Operations and Development Manager

Jaici Kelly is a proud graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Hospitality Management. Her journey with the garment care business began when she was a child, visiting her parents Bart and Theresa Casiello’s stores and making many memories of sorting hangers, staging cart races and playing hide and seek in the stores. Bart and Theresa were two of ZIPS’ founders. In 2015, after working for a hotel owner/operator, traveling to various properties to assist with in-room operations, revenue management, training, conversions and openings, Jaici joined the family business. Two years later, ZIPS named her “Manager of the Year” and in 2019, she joined the ZIPS Operations Team as Store Profitability Manager. Her current role involves managing store development and operations where the ongoing focus is on maximizing efficiency and improving profitability.

In her free time Jaici enjoys listening to live music and staying active outdoors, especially beachside.