Now that summer’s here, you have most likely refreshed your wardrobe with some of the season’s popular trends. So naturally, you may be tempted to wear them right away, but it’s important to clean them before your first wear.

Dyes in the Fabric

New garments typically have extra dyes after being produced that come off during washing. By not washing them first, the dyes can transfer to your skin and other clothes that you are wearing.

Chemicals in the Fabric

Just like dyes, there are also remnants of chemicals to enhance color and texture that remain on your clothing when you first purchase them. If you have sensitive skin, this could cause a reaction such as a rash.

Previous Wearers

Though it’s not always the case, your new garment may have been tried on by several other people. Alternatively, it could have also been a returned garment. Therefore, bacteria, sweat, and dead skin cells could have transferred onto the garments.

Make the safest decision regarding new clothes and take them to ZIPS for a clean, fresh beginning of a new relationship between you and your new favorite garment.