When you drop off your garments at ZIPS, we sort them into dry cleaning or pressed laundry orders. Pressed laundry usually refers to blend button-down dress shirts made from cotton, polyester, or cotton/poly. We can also launder and starch cotton khakis and jeans, lab coats, and aprons.

Laundered garments are washed in a large commercial washer with water and commercial laundry products. After cleaning, the items may go through a separate starch cycle, based on the customer preference.

The majority of garments dropped off at ZIPS are dry cleaned. Dry cleaning machines look very similar to front-loading, home washing machines but use solvent instead of water. The garments are cleaned and dried in the same machine, so they go in the machine dry and come out dry.

ZIPS uses hydrocarbon, an environmentally friendly dry cleaning solution. Hydrocarbon looks and feels wet but does not contain any moisture.

Whether your garment is dry cleaned or laundered, ZIPS presses and carefully inspects your items for quality assurance and then hangs and bags your items so they can be ready for you to pick up.

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