We’ve revolutionized the dry cleaning industry, and franchising with ZIPS® is your chance to bring a proven, effective model and multiple service offerings to your own community. Explore how a ZIPS Dry Cleaner could add value to your local market.

Value of the ZIPS Model to Consumers

In the early 2000s, eight of Baltimore-Washington Metro Area’s premier dry cleaners banded together to revolutionize the dry cleaning industry with one person in mind: the customer! Our model better serves dry cleaning customers than the old-school, pricey processes of the past — and it makes ZIPS an industry-disrupting stand out.

Low Price Point

One touchstone of the ZIPS model is our low price point. We believe that dry cleaning shouldn’t be a luxury expense. That’s why our customers are able to make ZIPS a part of their laundry routines, in addition to seeking us out for bigger, less frequent dry cleaning tasks. That means our franchisees see the same customers time after time; our low price point makes repeat business easily accessible for ZIPS franchisees.

In By 9, Out By 5 Guarantee

ZIPS customers know they can count on us to have their dry cleaning ready exactly when they are expecting it. If our customers drop off their dry cleaning on their way to the office, they know it will be ready by the time they’re heading home. Our guarantee, and the consistency with which we keep it, build a brand loyalty that directly benefits ZIPS franchisees in the form of repeat business.

Cutting Out the Middleman

The reason ZIPS is able to keep prices low and guarantee speedy cleaning is because of another industry-changing factor. ZIPS does all of our own cleaning. While this might seem obvious, most mom-and-pop shops ship garments to third party dry cleaning facilities. This increases the chances of losing garments — and thus losing customers. Plus, outsourcing drives up costs and it takes longer for a garment to go from drop off to pick up. Cutting out the middleman means our prices stay low and our services remain speedy.

Multiple Revenue Streams

ZIPS is known for garment care, but you can provide even more value to your community thanks to ZIPS’ multiple revenue streams. In addition to dry cleaning clothes, we also specialize in household fabrics (like bedspreads), alterations and most stain removal.

Our multiple revenue streams mean that each ZIPS customer gets more value out of each ZIPS location which is even more reason to bring a ZIPS Cleaners into your community. Plus, franchisees are able to directly benefit from the entire scope of ZIPS’ services which helps keep their business diversified and thriving.

Bringing a ZIPS Cleaners to your community will add lots of value. Our business model and our multiple revenue streams benefit dry cleaning customers — and ZIPS franchisees. If you’re ready to start your ZIPS franchise journey, reach out for more information.