Life is full of colors! Your toothpaste in the morning may be light purple, the ice cream you enjoy at lunchtime is passion fruit yellow, and the mud that the dog brings in is dark brown.

Don’t get us wrong, we love all the colors of the rainbow – just not on our white clothes! Throughout the day, accidents are just waiting to happen and our white blouses, dresses, and pants live in constant fear of getting stained. Luckily there are ways to keep that from happening. We’ll share our 5 most helpful tips on keeping your whites bright – because nothing feels as fresh and clean as hanging up those spotless white clothes.

Keeping Your Whites Bright

It might be a bad idea to eat spaghetti bolognese when you’re wearing your fanciest white evening gown – but we won’t judge you if you do it anyway. Instead, we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to keep white clothes white. Some of these are no-brainers while others might be completely new to you. Just pick and choose whatever works for you in order to keep your white clothes as white as when you first got them.

1. Get a Separate Laundry Basket for Your Whites

First things first, you need to separate your white clothing from all your colored clothing. This is especially easy if you keep a separate laundry basket exclusively for your whites. That way, you always know where to put your white clothes and don’t have to waste your time sorting through piles of dirty laundry before every wash.

2. Treat Stains ASAP

Spilled red wine all over your favorite white dress, or the kids somehow found their way into the arts and crafts and that white shirt you put on them suddenly doesn’t look white anymore? The faster you act, the easier the stain will be to remove. The easiest tip on how to keep white clothes white is to treat each spot with a stain remover right away and let it sit for several minutes. Then rinse it well and make sure you don’t put the garment in the dryer until the stain is gone.

3. DIY Hacks

Try soaking your whites in hot water with two cups of baking soda for at least one hour before washing them. Next up, there are a couple of different tips for how to wash white clothes. You can add half a cup of white vinegar to your load during the rinse cycle. Just don’t mix it with the detergent as those two can cancel each other out. These little tricks will make your whites perfectly white again.

4. Dry Your Whites Outside

Once the washing is done, it’s easiest just to throw everything in the dryer and let the laundry dry itself but if you’re serious about keeping your clothes white, you might wanna consider hanging them outside. In fact, the ultraviolet sun rays can actually help bleach clothes! Skipping the dryer is also great for the environment. We love that part because, at ZIPS, we always look for new ways to reduce our environmental impact!

5. Leave It up to the Pros

If these tricks don’t work on your whites or you simply don’t have time for DIY hacks- don’t worry. Your life is about to get very easy. Just find your closest ZIPS Cleaners and leave your whites with us. We know best how to wash white clothes, and our mission is to make dry cleaning affordable and accessible for everyone. We’ll clean any of your white garments for a low price – whether it’s tighty whities, a wedding dress, or your ghost costume from last Halloween!

We Know Best How To Brighten White Clothes

Do you have a recurring nightmare of accidentally leaving that one red sock in your washer and realizing that all your bright whites have turned pink? Some of us may even enjoy a load of pink laundry, but there are just some things no one in the world enjoys – including coffee or wine stains and that annoying dirty gray color that white clothes end up having if you don’t give them enough care and attention.

Once you’ve learned the most effective tips on how to brighten white clothes, usually a million other laundry-related questions pop up in your head. How do you read the hieroglyphic care label on the tag? How do you store off-season clothing? To discover the answers to those questions, check out these helpful tips.

At ZIPS, we have a solution for every stain emergency. So if all your DIY tricks and home remedies fail, just bring your clothes to us, and we’ll take care of them with same-day service for dry cleaned and wash/press items if you drop them off by 9 am!

Your Whites Have a Bright Future Ahead of Them

We see it coming: something white and bright in your near future. It must be your laundry after being cleaned by ZIPS Cleaners.

It’s the small things in life that make all the difference. This includes smiles from perfect strangers, bubble baths that are just the right temperature – and yes, perfectly clean clothes. That’s why it’s important to have cleaners who know how to keep white clothes white and take care of your precious garments, so you don’t have to deal with the dirty laundry all by yourself.