Choosing a franchise is as much about selecting an industry that appeals to you as it is about finding an opportunity that will meet your financial goals. Sure, you might be attracted to a franchise that sells a sweet treat you’ll eat every day, but you have to ask yourself if the numbers warrant the same enthusiasm as your taste buds.

As you pour through Franchise Disclosure Documents and do your due diligence on all of your options, you’ll want to pay attention to things like Average Unit Volume (AUV), how the industry performs as a whole, the different revenue streams that bring money into your business, and what established franchisees have done with their franchises. With all of those factors in mind, we’re confident in the ability of ZIPS® to check all the boxes you want in a franchise.

Our AUV Stands Out

ZIPS’ AUV is more than $1.1 million*, and we’re pretty excited about that fact. Many of our franchisees even surpass that number. While no one can ever put a guaranteed dollar amount on how much a business will make, the AUV gives a good glimpse at the ZIPS difference.

From the earliest days of ZIPS franchising, we’ve worked to streamline the dry cleaning process that often lacks standardization. We’ve built the ZIPS brand on disrupting the old way of doing things so that we can provide better service at a lower price than the other guys. Our outstanding AUV reflects how responsive the industry has been to a little disruption.

Our Approach to the Industry is Different – and Disruptive

Garment care is a $20 billion a year industry. The majority of that consists of small, mom-and-pop shops that don’t offer the same degree of service, or the same low costs, that ZIPS does.

Because we stick to our one-low-price model, cut down on wasteful expenses like overuse of plastic bags, and utilize in-house equipment instead of shipping the items to a central cleaning facility like other dry cleaners do, ZIPS is able to get the most out of our locations.

Our Multiple Revenue Streams Increase Opportunities

Creating a successful dry cleaning franchise relies on more than just dry cleaning. At ZIPS, we provide a variety of services for our customers that smaller dry cleaners don’t, giving customers a reason to come back for all of their fabric care needs.

That variety of services also translates to more business for the franchisee in the form of multiple revenue streams, giving you flexibility over other franchise models. Why limit yourself to one service when you can be a one-stop-cleaning-shop?

Dry cleaning is our standard service, getting the ZIPS name out there.
Laundry services let us tap into the wider market of garment cleaning.
Household care means customers can bring in more than just clothes.
Alterations give us an edge against dry cleaners who only clean.
Mastering all of those revenue streams will allow you to maximize your potential in ways that single-service dry cleaners just can’t match.

Our Testimonials Speak for Themselves

As you search for your new franchise opportunity, no matter the industry, speaking to current franchisees should be a key part of your research. Their experience will give you great insight into what to expect from your franchisor and what steps you can take to achieve your goals. Read for yourself:

“I’m not new in business. I was a Burger King franchisee for about 30 years. I was selling this business and looking for another franchise opportunity. I chose ZIPS strictly because of the financial numbers.” – Bashir Shams, Multi-Unit Franchisee

“My units are performing well and we’re really happy with the results we’re getting. Our first location broke even within the second month of us being open.” – Beth Flynn, Multi-Unit Franchisee

As these owners know, buying a franchise is about loving the numbers as much as loving the business. With our outstanding AUV and multiple revenue streams, in an industry that can’t keep up with ZIPS’ innovations, a dry cleaning franchise may be the right investment for you.

*Refer to ZIPS FDD for details