ZIPS ensures that each of our franchisees has the training they need to build their garment care business. That includes our six-week training program held at our top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art, 6,000-sq-ft training center in Elkridge, Maryland, and much more.

Reach Out

The ZIPS franchise process begins when you request more information. From there, you will speak with our team, get to know our franchisees and sign a franchise agreement. Once you sign the agreement, you are officially a ZIPS franchisee. That means it’s time to learn the ins and outs of the business so your team can confidently open the doors as soon as possible.

Begin Training

You’ll start by diving into six weeks of franchise training. Our program includes classroom-style learning that’s a lot more useful than high school geometry. During ZIPS training, you’ll learn about the company’s history, our One-Touch Philosophy and all of the ways ZIPS’ processes make us stand out from the competition.

Our classroom curriculum also includes sustainable business training so you know what it means to operate an eco-friendly dry cleaner and understand the ways your ZIPS can be environmentally responsible.

Classroom training primarily focuses on the business functions of operating a ZIPS Cleaners. But it’s important, even if you don’t plan on being in your store (or stores!) every day, for you to become a garment care professional. That’s the promise we offer to our customers — that their neighborhood ZIPS is the local garment care authority, and that includes each ZIPS owner.

Hands-On Training

We know that you can’t transform into a garment care pro by only sitting in a classroom. Our eight original founders became industry innovators thanks to hands-on experience — so that’s how we teach our franchisees. Part of the training program includes working in an operational ZIPS location. You’ll be educated about the ZIPS cleaning process and get a close look at ZIPS’ superior customer service that fosters brand loyalty.

We truly believe that practice makes perfect. That’s why we will never send a franchisee to open up their store with no hands-on, practical experience. By the time our franchisees are hosting their ZIPS grand openings, they are already garment care experts and have all the operational knowledge they need to take their markets by storm.

Get Certified

We also offer our franchisees a manager certification course. Some franchisees choose to take advantage of the program while others who have hired managers to run day-to day operations bring in their managers to get them certified. The ZIPS executive leadership model allows for flexibility in the way you choose to run your dry cleaning business on a daily basis.

Next Steps

Even though our franchisees have the best training in the dry cleaning industry, we are always by their sides providing any support they might need. Are you ready to join them by opening up your own ZIPS franchise? If so, take the first step by reaching out for more information. We look forward to speaking with you soon!