Did you know that ZIPS offers a variety of services in many of our stores to make your life a little easier? We want to help you eliminate those never-ending laundry weekends so you can enjoy the days off!

EZ Drop

Our 24-hour EZ Drop Box allows you to drop off your garments at any time, day, or night, whether we’re open or not. Just register in store, get your access code, and pick up an EZ Drop bag to get started!

All EZ drop services are prepaid so when it’s time to pick up, you’ll get an e-mail from us letting you know it’s ready.

Our ‘9 to 5’ service also applies to EZ Drop. If your garments are in the drop box before 9 AM, they will be ready for pickup by 5 PM.

Keep in mind, this service is just for garments! Household items and alterations still need to be dropped off in the store.

This service is not yet available at all locations – but we are working on it! Please check your local store page for service availability and pricing.

Wash N Fold

Welcome to a world with more time on your hands and fewer clothes in your hamper. With ZIPS Wash N Fold service, the rest of your laundry can get the VIP treatment too: washed, dried, folded, and ready for you in just a few days. For more information, click HERE.

Curbside Pickup

Drive up, pick up, and go! ZIPS has recently started offering curbside pickup at select locations. Unfortunately, not all our stores can offer this service due to being located on main roads and in high-traffic shopping centers.

Check out your local store page before stopping by to see if they provide this service. You can call ahead (give us at least a 15-minute heads up!) or just stop by. One of our friendly team members will assist you and grab your order so you can be on your way. Easy as that!

We hope you enjoy these services as we continue to make them available at a ZIPS location near you!

Pick Up & Delivery

Select ZIPS locations are now offering pick-up & delivery! For a list of participating locations, click HERE.