Doug Spak

Franchise Marketing Manager

Doug Spak brings more than four decades of marketing and advertising experience to our system, where he is tasked with helping our operators increase store awareness, attract new customers, grow per-customer revenue, and bolster customer loyalty.

Throughout his career, Doug has worked with numerous well-established brands including Dairy Queen, Midas, Kraft, P&G, Gatorade, Sam Adams, Red Lobster, Olive Garden and others. He also has done extensive work in multi-unit marketing, spent several years as a media planner and buyer and was vice president and manager of several Cincinnati radio stations across multiple (hip hop, urban, sports) formats.

Whether employing his talents to support individual franchisees or corporate marketing teams, Doug is keenly aware of how to reinforce key brand messaging strategies at the local level to help our franchisees make the most of the ZIPS brand appeal.

When not helping our franchisees gain more local exposure, Doug is a screenwriter whose film The Christmas Masterpiece is available on Amazon Prime Video and other streaming services. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and their two pugs and English Bulldog puppy, and is an avid pickleball player.