GREENBELT, Md. — ZIPS Dry Cleaners franchise has signed an agreement for the development of 10 stores throughout the Cincinnati metro area over the next eight years, it reports.

“Most people don’t know the name of their local drycleaning business. Typically, dry cleaners fall so squarely into the mom-and-pop category that the only sign outside the retail outlet says ‘dry cleaner’ and nothing more,” says Josh Pinkey, a retired Army Airborne Ranger, who served three tours in Iraq, and will own and operate the ten stores with partner Andrew DeVoe, under the company name DeVoe & Pinkey Enterprises, LLC.

Pinkey, who spoke by phone recently to American Drycleaner, relates he had no background in dry cleaning but was a customer of the dry cleaner a number of years ago.

“Fast-forward to 2017 and I wanted to invest in a company,” explains the veteran. “My wife and I were looking for an opportunity to run our own business and have interactions with people and provide jobs.”

He says he started talking with ZIPS and even though he thought of himself as retired he, “thought there is more to life.”

The lease for the first location has been signed and will be located at 3361 Madison Road in Cincinnati.

Various parts of town are being targeted, including the immediate downtown area, Oakley, Hyde Park, Blue Ash and Florence, among others, the firm adds.

“Step into a ZIPS for the first time and you know right away that it’s not your mom-and-pop, no-name dry cleaner,” Pinkey says.

“ZIPS is the future of dry cleaning, and we know that Cincinnati residents will appreciate our commitment to making and keeping quality dry cleaning services affordable at one low price,” he adds.

“It’s easy to understand why an entrée at a restaurant costs more than an appetizer or why getting a new transmission costs more than an oil change,” Pinkey continues. “But why should you pay more to dry clean a coat than a pair of pants when they’re both cleaned using the exact same process,” says Pinkey.

“It’s an exciting time at ZIPS as we continue to expand our brand into new markets all across the country, including the Midwest,” says ZIPS CEO Drew Ritger, whose company signed a similar franchise agreement in Indianapolis earlier this year.

“As our reputation in the franchise industry continues to grow,” notes Ritger, “these signings are evidence that people everywhere are taking notice of the great multi-unit opportunity that exists with the ZIPS family.”

Additionally, in today’s increasingly “green-conscious” society, the cleaner points out it is, “leading the way in the search for new environmentally friendly practices, such as its use of recyclable plastic bags and hanger recycling program.

Pinkey went through ZIPS own 6-week drycleaning training course, he notes over the phone, and looks forward to running his own business, giving back to the community and, as he says, “helping people, and providing jobs for veterans, single moms, and others. And providing a single price-point, pre-pay, in by 9 out by 5, quality service.”

He concludes with: “I want to make life better for my clients.”