By: Beth Ewen

July 27, 2022

ZIPS Dry Cleaners showed off a pair of “superstar” franchisees, as Mike Waintraub, director of business development, called them. Allan Boomer and Tiffany Hawkins signed a 20-store development agreement in Atlanta for the brand. They also own eight other ZIPS stores, a Retro Fitness location in Maryland and a The Max Challenge site in New Jersey.The pair raised a $7 million fund in 2020 to back their activities, including the acquisition of three ZIPS stores in Indianapolis this year. “It’s important to use your eyes and ears to evaluate a business,” said Boomer, who was a VP at Goldman Sachs. “We decided to stand outside and watch, for months. We brought in garments. We counted customers, how long the in-store transaction is taking. You’ve got to explore more than one location.”Added Hawkins: “It’s a lot of tedious research that we think is crucial.”They also operate Momentum Advisors, a New York-based minority-owned wealth management firm with $400 million under management. Boomer started the firm at first to advise professional athletes about getting into franchising. They later added clients who were exonerated for crimes they didn’t commit and who received settlements. “They need a team around them. This level of wealth is new to them,” Hawkins said.Boomer sums up their diverse activities into one mission statement: “Just using the talents that God gave us to change lives.”

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