In the early 2000s, eight Baltimore-Washington Metro Area premier dry cleaners banded together to create a powerhouse brand: ZIPS Dry Cleaners. Together, they brought 100+ years of garment care expertise to the table. Their combined knowledge allowed them to perfect the dry-cleaning process from start to finish.  While known in franchising more for his years in food service, restaurants and hospitality, Bob Barry has actually served on the ZIPS Board, for eight years, prior to assuming the role of President and CEO for these industry disruptors.  The ZIPS difference is their passion for providing high-quality dry cleaning at unbelievably low prices. They have streamlined every part of the dry-cleaning process, from cutting costs and cleaning times to providing the best possible service and prices.  Today, they are thriving at 65 locations nationwide, with commitments in hand for another 150. Here to tell us all about it, is ZIPS President/CEO, Bob Barry.