On Monday, July 1st at 9:00 AM, the ZIPS in Mechanicsburg, PA (ZIPS153) officially opened its doors for business! This store is located at 6110 Carlisle Pike right off of busy State Route 581, a major commuter route to Harrisburg. This is also a bustling area with many errand running stores and shops close by.

Hemal Shah said, “We are very excited to bring ZIPS to the Mechanicsburg market. ZIPS’ ability to dry clean any garment at lower cost will surely change the dry cleaning market in central PA. We are excited to be part of that change.”

Drew Ritger, CEO of ZIPS said, “We are extremely excited for Hemal, Niraj and Mike to introduce the ZIPS brand to the greater Mechanicsburg community. Their store is well located in the market offering a great opportunity to serve the community. We are pleased they have invested to bring ZIPS’s ‘In by 9 ,Out by 5’ service, one price dry cleaning and our professional garment care business to central Pennsylvania. It is a great time to invest in ZIPS and we are pleased to have Hemal, Niraj and Mike part of the ZIPS business!”

This is ZIPS 62nd store and the 4th consecutive month that we’ve opened a new location!