Buying a business is a big decision, and one question you should ask yourself as you narrow down your list of potential investments is, “How does this business benefit me?”

Aside from the obvious financial motivations, a variety of factors can affect your decision to move forward with one franchise opportunity over another. With a combined 200+ years in the dry cleaning industry, we feel pretty confident that we know some of the benefits to this business that you might not have considered before, things that might just tip your choice in dry cleaning’s favor.

1. Becoming Part of the Community

Much of the dry cleaning industry consists of small startups. While those businesses can’t match the single low price point of ZIPS®, or our “In by 9, Out by 5” guarantee in which any garment brought in by 9am will be ready for pick up by 5pm on the same day, one thing mom-and-pop dry cleaners are great at is being a part of a local community. Thankfully, so is ZIPS.

We were founded by dry cleaners who know this industry and know what the customers want. Our comprehensive training will teach you how to provide the exceptional service that turns first-time customers into repeat customers and helps your ZIPS franchise establish itself in the local market.

And because our locations have cleaning equipment on-site, instead of shipping items to a central cleaning facility like many of those smaller shops have to, you’re able to handle a higher volume of customers faster than the other guys.

2. Maximizing Revenue Streams

Some dry cleaners focus exclusively on dry cleaning. Some do provide additional services, but it can be a guessing game trying to find one mom-and-pop dry cleaner that provides all the garment care services a family might need. That’s why it made sense for ZIPS to branch out.

A ZIPS franchise offers dry cleaning, laundry services, some household item cleaning, and even alterations to ensure your customers come to you for all their fabric care needs. Instead of being an occasional concept that customers think about once a week at most, your ZIPS becomes a part of their routine, making their lives easier and your ZIPS more in-demand.

3. Disrupting the Industry

Your list of desired benefits from a potential franchise may not include the phrase “industry disruption,” but we think you might want to pencil that in. Aside from how good it feels to know you’re taking an industry in a new, positive direction, being a disruptor can benefit not just your business, but the industry as a whole.

The ZIPS difference is all about streamlining the process of dry cleaning and providing high-quality service at unbelievably low prices. Let the rest of the industry have its complicated price structures and long wait times. ZIPS is benefiting from happy customers and loads of volume in an industry that could stand to evolve.

4. Helping the Environment

ZIPS uses recyclable plastic bags, has a simple hanger recycling program, and saves on waste by only using one bag for every five shirts. We do all of those things because we feel they’re the right things to do — as dry cleaners and as people. They also happen to save on supply costs for our franchisees.

As you search for your new franchise opportunity, you’ve probably got lists upon lists of needs, wants, costs, and benefits. Add all of these benefits to the top of your list as you learn more about ZIPS dry cleaning franchises.

Oh and by the way, if you need your own clothes cleaned, owning a ZIPS makes that pretty easy to accomplish — as if you needed another reason.