We can make all of the dry cleaning promises in the world but it only matters if they translate into satisfied customers.

"ZIPS has saved me SO much money on my dry cleaning bills. Spending $5-7 per garment just isn't an option when you don't have much cash in your paychecks. ZIPS does a great job and only charges $2.29 per piece. I just moved, but I'll take the metro two extra stops just to keep using ZIPS!"
Lisa M
Washington D.C.
"I would like to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful service I received at the Falls Church, VA location yesterday. I had some concerns to work out and the staff, managers and owners were very accommodating and helpful. I appreciate the time they spent with me to explain my confusion and work out my problem. It was great customer service. Thank you again!"
Cate M
"I want to take this opportunity to thank ZIPS, for the cleaning services you donated. Please know the entire Women's Board is very appreciative. The funds we raise go to benefit and improve patient care at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. You and your employees have helped to make our community a better place. Best wishes for a happy holiday season."
Dorothy Truitt
Co-Chair, Best Dressed Sale 2005
"I frequent the Zips on St. Barnabas Road in Suitland, MD. I enjoyed your ZNEWS content. That's the first time I've heard about using vinegar to treat clothing. And the other article about how different types of dyes fade in the sun was also educational. You guys really know clothes! Keep the news coming."
"I dropped off some Army uniforms, sweaters, a jacket and some shirts to test out ZIPS for myself. I was 110% satisfied with the results! Thank you very much, and I'd also like to compliment Nick A. for his great service, both as my order taker, and the final person. He was very knowledgeable about how I wanted each item."
Elliott P
Timonium, MD
"I come to ZIPS twice a week because you save me tons of money. In fact, I think every one should come here because of the prices, the friendly people, and the same day service."
Sharon A